Hire a fractional cmo

HIRE A Fractional CMO

Hire a fractional cmo

Hire A Fractional CMO

Chief marketing officer candidates

Does we need a FRACTIONAL CMO?

What can you expect from having a part time CMO on your team?

Every company is unique, but you can expect the marketing building blocks below to be skillfully leveraged to craft a custom strategy related to your specific marketing challenges.


Less time equals more focus…

Leadership Initiatives

  • Experienced Strategic Insight
  • Creative Thought Leadership
  • C-Suite Ideation + Advisement
  • People + Vendor Management
  • Crisis Management Marketing

Positioning Initiatives

  • Unlock Audience & Persona Potential
  • Overcome Messaging Gaps
  • Reframe Customer Journey

Lead Gen Initiatives

  • Implement Lead Gen Best Practices
  • Garnish Authority In Marketplace
  • Enhance Value Added Content
  • Create Community Among Buyers

Product Initiatives

  • Enhance Product Packaging / Messaging
  • Extend The Product Ladder
  • Experiment With Product Pricing

Metrics Initiatives

  • Create / Refine KPI Dashboard
  • Pair Analytics With Action
  • Define Goals & Accountability

People Initiatives

  • fRefine Roles & Responsibilities
  • Align Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Evaluate Team Capabilities
  • Align People To Strategy

Technology Initiatives

  • Refine Workflows
  • Automate Processes
  • Expand MarTech Stack

Revenue Generated

Leads Generated